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We at SeeClear would like to thank MEA Markets for the recognition. It is a great honor and a big achievement for us, one made more meaningful because of the challenges faced in 2020.

Now, we will shift our focus to making 2021 an ever bigger, better, and more impactful year for our clients and partners.



For as long as humans have existed communication has been a defining feature of our species. As technology has evolved, our methods of communication have changed with it.

In the modern world our communication technologies are part of our everyday lives. These technologies have given people and organisations the tools to connect and communicate with each other anywhere in the world, instantly. When organisations grow the costs associated with communication technologies grow with it. The larger and faster the growth, the easier it is to lose sight of exactly where and how your IT and telecom budget is being used.

SeeClear™ changes that. Our Intelligible™ platform turns your organisation’s telecom data into actionable insights, all available on a single, easy to use dashboard.

Our Intelligible™ Platform

Managing your telecom and IT landscape has never been easier.

  • Monitor Usage and Control Expenses
  • Online and Easy to Use
  • Reports Interface with other Corporate Systems
  • Integrates into Existing IT Landscapes
  • Works for any business and Enterprise of Any Size
  • Supports Business Growth
Monitor Usage and Control Expenses

Intelligible™ provides a feature-rich web-based platform, delivering complete visibility into telecom usage. Deployed into your business Intelligible™ can validate invoices, automate invoice approval and exception processes, manage inventory, and allocate charges to the appropriate cost centres. From there, business-ready reports are automatically generated and delivered to the necessary stakeholders.

Online and Easy to Use

Using Intelligible™ is simple and intuitive, requiring no technical expertise. Accessed through the web, the platform can generate an extensive set of reports that allow businesses to make faster, smarter decisions and take immediate action for runaway costs. Daily tasks such as controlling user access, adding new or removing old users, or moving between cost centres, can be done from a single, easy to use screen.

Reports Interface with other Corporate Systems

Powerful, scalable, and secure, Intelligible™ can handle telecom portfolios of any size, it works effortlessly for multinationals with high-volume telecoms and IT landscapes as it does for small businesses with smaller telecom portfolios. It also provides multi-vendor integration with a current profile of over 100 of South Africa’s top vendors for both mobile, fixed and ICT solutions.

Integrates into Existing IT Landscapes

The Intelligible™ platform has been created to seamlessly integrate into your existing IT and telecom landscape. Fully compatible with Microsoft Teams, the platform can also report on all GSM mobile voice and data contracts for MTN, Vodacom and Telkom Mobile, as well as on Fixed Lines, desk phones, printing devices.

Works for any business and Enterprise of Any Size

From multinationals with high-volume IT landscapes, to small businesses with growing telecom portfolios, Intelligible™ is ideal for organisations of any size. Multi-vendor integration and a current portfolio of over 100 of South Africa’s top vendors for mobile, fixed, and ICT solutions, means that the Intelligible™ platform can adapt to fit your business as your requirements change over time.

Supports Business Growth

As your organisation grows, Intelligible™ scales alongside you. We have designed the Intelligible™ platform with growth in mind, making it simple and easy to roll-out additional modules and functionality as soon as your business needs it.