Key Performance Areas for the Enterprise and Public Sector


What do we need?

All vendor account numbers, user information or meta data, company structure and hierarchy, budgets and policies and all commercial contracts.


What do we do with your data?

Build a unique platform within the Intelligible™ framework tailored to your organisation, importing your current hierarchy and user details.  We create third party links to your various service providers and import CDRs every 10 minutes, and EDRs monthly.  All call records and invoices are populated within the system automatically, so there is no need to capture them manually.


What do we deliver?

Deployment of the Intelligible™ web-based platform with a custom dashboard containing all the reports and tools for expense management, risk management, wasteful and unauthorised spending, forensic insights, assets and inventory management, call reports and efficiency tools for the entire organisation.


What do you receive?

Immediate control over spending and quarterly or annual savings. We implement an effective and efficient tool to enable transparency and trust within service provider ambit and internal control of your entire ICT landscape.


What do we change?

We take the time and hassle out of telecom and IT management, giving your organisation the power to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of ICT management, implement strategic plans and controls, budgets, and corporate governance within the ICT landscape.