Intelligible SIM

Intelligible SIM

Intelligible™ Sim is a powerful cloud based, BI, reporting and management platform designed and built for large Machine-to-Machine [M2M] environments. The platform is secure, while user-based access means that users only see the data that is relevant to them.

Intelligible™ Sim enables effective control, management and monitoring as well as active and passive reporting across the entire M2M estate, irrespective of the number of providers used for GSM connectivity.

Intelligible™ Sim also bridges the gap between the organisation’s specific internal corporate application data such as CRM/ERP applications and the billing and usage data received from the GSM providers.

Who needs Intelligible™ Sim?

Any organisation with a high volume of IoT connections that makes use of the GSM network as a primary means of connecting.

The benefit for your organisation is that all the data is presented to you on a single, web-based platform. While the advanced APN Analytics functionality allows you to gain insights into your organisation’s M2M environment, right down to the individual sim card level.

This gives you the power to cut out waste, abuse, and redundant telecom expenditures across your organisation.

How does Intelligible™ Sim work?

Intelligible™ Sim sources your company’s daily and monthly billing information directly from your Service Providers, with your consent of course. Once we have the data, our IT gurus import it into our database, do some magic, and re-present that data back to your head honchos in a meaningful manner via the web based Intelligible™ Sim portal.