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About Seeclear

At SeeClear™ we are driven by a simple goal: to make telecom and IT management simple, saving organisation valuable time and money.

With the rise of modern technologies organisations and people use data to make informed decisions. But many of these organisations, from multinationals to small businesses, from non-profits to public sector organisations, have no way to quickly check that data. What this means is that managers cannot be sure where company money is being used, and how employees are spending their time.

Our mission at SeeClear™ is to make telecom and IT management more transparent. With over 35 years of combined knowledge and experience in the industry, our team is dedicated to helping every business and organisation manage the array of telecom and IT related services they need to be as productive as possible.


To do this we have developed the most actionable technology expense management platform, Intelligible™, which provides quick and clear insight into your telecom and IT landscape, transforming your data into decisions.

  • Customised solution giving you total control to manage costs and efficiencies
  • Simplify management of fixed and mobile telecommunication and technologies

Why SeeClear™ Consulting?

Why SeeClear™ Consulting? Through SeeClear™ consulting, we commit to assessing your business requirements and working with you to find and tailor a solution that fits your needs and your budget.

  • Sustainable ROI
  • Insight into spend and usage
  • Simplify budget and procurement
  • Unique training and knowledge share on an ongoing basis
  • Maintain accurate inventories of sims, devices, and hardware
  • Web-based platform with optional expertly managed services
  • Automate and streamline manual processes and policy implementation
Curated for you and your employees to focus on your core business

Small Business

  • Unique and affordable modules available on a monthly basis
  • Geared specifically towards small mobile telecom estates
  • Scalable as you grow
  • Easy on-boarding
  • Ongoing training and advice
Structured for growth, saving time and money on process administration.

Mid-Sized Business

  • Unique and affordable modules available on a monthly basis
  • Implement structure and policies
  • Innovative optimisation
  • Customer Service & Operations
  • Efficiencies to stimulate growth
  • Implementing only what you need and scale as you grow.
Focus on business intelligence to yield best ROI on your ICT portfolio

Major Enterprise

  • Major Enterprise
  • Gather data across the organisation
  • Interdepartmental charge back
  • Integration with accounting and HR platform
  • Customised and easy reporting
  • Policy implementation and management
  • Consulting and managed services

Private and Public Sector


Private Sector

Whether a small business or a large enterprise, Intelligible™ provides a comprehensive telecom and IT management solution. Adaptable and easy to use, Intelligible™ gives managers control over the auditing process, increases transparency across telecom portfolios, and reduces the time managers spend compiling reports, providing immediate insight into your organisation’s telecom usage and expenditure.

We provide a solution that is easy to onboard and scalable as you grow, with ongoing training and advice to make sure you get the most out of the platform. And thanks to the modular design, you only pay for what you need.



We have ensured our public sector offering meets the technical and regulatory requirements of our clients, from the local and municipal level, through to the national and departmental level.

With the volume and scope of the public sector’s telecom portfolios, and with layers of regulations and policies in place, it can become difficult to keep sight of and manage usage and expenditure.

With this in mind the Intelligible™ platform gives public sector organisations control and visibility into exactly where and how devices, data, and money are being spent in your telecom and IT landscape. Once deployed the platform improves management of commercial and contract management and drives transparency in the organisation, leading to a reduction in wasted, redundant, or excessive expenditure.