Managed Services

Manages users, devices, services, and cost.


Manages Users, Devices, Services, and Costs

We bring our considerable industry knowledge and expertise to your organization. By delegating your telecom management processes to SeeClear, you will give your in-house employees the opportunity to focus on meaningful tasks and core business activities.

We take care in understanding your environment to drive the desired business results to: 


  1. Consistently measure technical, operational, and financial performance of your ICT investment.
  2. Correlate telecommunications datato business objectives and results.
  3. Focus on areas of inefficiencyto move the needle in the metrics that reflect improvements in the efficiency of the business. 
  4. Identify predictive or leading indicators of potential issues.

By co-managing your environment, we are an extension of your telecom team, operating in line with your organizational policies, assisting in the daily oversight of your entire telecom portfolio focusing on mobile voice and data and APN’s.

Key Areas of Managed Services

New line applications, transfers, upgrades, additions, changes, and cancelations.

Demand Management & Service Provisioning

Specialising in negotiating the best possible contracts for your enterprise and managing your relationship with the vendor and third-party vendor proposal evaluation.

Vendor Management

Specialising in cost recovery with regards to errors in billing such as being billed for services which are no longer in use, charging more than the agreed upon contractual rates for particular services.

Dispute Management

Including cost allocations, commercial compliance, auditing.

Inventory Management

Including cost and usage, monthly, weekly and/or daily expenditure and usage analysis.



Training and skill share