Our Services

Our Services

In both public and private sector organisations it is vital that resources, time, and money are used as efficiently as possible. But many employees find themselves locked into important but repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

At SeeClear™, we believe in streamlining these tasks, freeing up valuable time, and ultimately creating simpler, more efficient processes.

Our Telecom Expense Management platform, Intelligible™, does exactly this. The Intelligible™ TEM platform pulls all the information in your ever-growing telecom and IT landscape and presents it to you in a single, easy to use dashboard.

This allows managers to find specific pieces of information. For example, they can pull up the information for all the devices allocated to a specific user, or can view that mobile data usage over a given time period, without having to sift through hundreds of invoices, spreadsheets, or expense reports.


This saves time, and frees up administrators, managers, and employees to be more productive, allowing them to focus on higher value, strategic tasks.


It also enables employees on all levels to be more proactive, so that instead of solving problems they can be prevented before they happen.


Reporting Overview


Overview of Organisation

• Create and communicate clear standards for effective management of usage and expenditure
• Upload and apply policies consistently across the organisation
• Implement effective scheduled reporting to allow ongoing, organisation wide monitoring and review

Divisional or Regional Level

  • Commitment to continuous improvement
  • Identify hierarchy accountability and implement consistently across all divisions and/or regions
  • Monitor user compliance with policy
  • Accurate inventory record keeping and reporting
  • Responsible for identifying and minimising wasteful spending

User Level

  • Controlled user acces
  • User accountable for device usage and must comply with usage policies

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In today’s digital age, ICT plays a pivotal role in the success and growth of organisations.

Those that implement a telecom management solution can save 10% to 30% of their annual telecom budget. Still, the management of telecommunications infrastructure, services and associated usage and tasks are considered by most organisations to be a non-core business activity.

Even though telecom is an opportune area for cost reduction, its scale and complexity mean it is under-managed or burdensome. This is especially true for medium and large enterprises, and public-sector companies.

Telecom expenses are often distributed among various departments, many times operating from different locations. While contracts may be centralised, purchase and management are often performed at the regional, departmental, or even individual level, complicating management even further. Industry trends such as the growing use of mobile broadband, telecommunications convergence, and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies add to the strenuous task of managing and reporting systems.

All this leads to spiralling bills and a lack of oversight.

SeeClear™’s managed consultancy and advisory services are customised to the requirements of each client. We provide independent advice and guidance to help organisations improve and evolve their overall cost management strategy.

We know the industry and have the tools and expertise to solve your telecom and IT headaches.