What gets tracked gets managed.

One of the main purposes for investing in Technology Expense Management is to take control of your business operations. When we are aloof about the business process, incomes and expenses and overall management, the decline in business efficiency comes as a surprise.

Whether you are a business owner, IT manager or tech support, your daily tasks within the company need to be structured. Once the structure is in place you can prioritise and complete tasks accordingly. However, the process does not stop there. To stay efficient in your business processes, you need to review the data, track performance, and constantly adapt to change within your industry.

Let’s take a look at 5 Reasons Why a business tool such as Tech and Telecom Expense Management is crucial for Business Efficiency:


1. Adapt to Industry Changes

Telecom service usage is on the rise, and it’s only a matter of time before all companies will rely on TEM software. Getting your company on board would be pre-emptive and you will be able to find solutions to problems before they arise.  Research shows that the Telecom Expense Management Market will be worth R49b worldwide by 2019. These stats alone are a brilliant indication of current and future needs for tech and telecom management software.

2. Get Rid of the Extras

Take company phones, for instance. There might be a couple of owner-less phones around the office that no-one is using, but you are still paying for the subscription. The same goes for other technological devices or subscriptions. Make use of TEM to pinpoint redundant resources and expenses within your company.

3. Increase Net Profitability

This is probably one of the main reasons for utilising expense management as a part of business process improvement. Because of the above-mentioned increase in telecom service usage, enterprises are looking for cost-effective solutions to reduce expenditure. Companies are looking for ways to create an ideal infrastructure that will help them increase their profitability.

4. Focus Your Employees on Right Tasks

When you make use of software to gather and assess data you will open ‘manpower’ for other important business tasks. Small businesses can benefit from outsourcing their expense management or investing in software that streamlines the process.

Instead of sending employees to complicated training sessions and diverting their attention from the job at hand, expense management software tools will run the process in the background and allow employees to access reports and assess the data accordingly. This way you can reallocate your employees to what they do best. And as you would know, saving time leads to saving money.

5. Strategic Financial Planning

After assessing your current expense data, you will be able to determine how to adjust your company’s budget. Previously, you might not have been aware of the actual expenses and create an updated, realistic budget. Making use of a TEM tool will allow you to manage your expenses and create a financial strategy according to your findings.

These are just a few of the many reasons why Tech and Telecom Expense Management is crucial for business efficiency.