In South Africa’s current economically challenging environment, it is likely that your business’ priority has shifted to being as cost effective as possible. Telecommunications and IT related costs have been found to be the most overlooked expense that business has to deal with. You may have an erroneous telecom cost but are unaware as these normally gets paid via debit order. Months could pass before your accounts payable notice any incorrect charges. Stop paying the incorrect amount and start saving with Intelligible™!

How does Intelligible™ work?

Intelligible™ Telecom Expense Management (TEM) is a software as a service that manages all telecom invoices automatically, every month. This means your, voice and data environment is audited and searched through for billing errors, employee compliance and saving opportunities. Intelligible™ will also compare and report on things like commercial compliance to ensure agreed discount or pricing structures are received. This service works by importing CDR’s1 every 10 minutes and EDR’s2 on a monthly basis, so that the latest errors are highlighted.


What’s in it for you?

Find the cost saving opportunities effortlessly. With telecom expense management, the dashboard will easily show areas where money can be saved. If there is ever an issue or opportunity, you are notified and empowered with specific scheduled reports or notifications.

Improve your overall business telecommunications. You no longer need to try to remember the contract termination date. TEM will remind you of the date.

Private and company call differentiator. TEM has the ability to provide the distinction between these two different types of calls.  This enables you to track employee efficiency but also set agreed parameters according to your company policy on private usage.

Gain operational efficiency for your business. Transform your overall focus to core business efforts since the TEM platform drastically eliminates time spent on invoice recons, MACD activities3, inter-company chargeback and various hierarchy reporting.  Real-time inventory searches allow you to drill down to user level and the peace of mind that invoices are correct in charge value.

Avoid unnecessary roaming charges. When users travel internationally they are charged an international roaming charge upon arriving and searching for a signal. A plan put in place prior to this event taking place usually results in less charges.

Don’t get bogged down with Out-of-Bundle spending. There are often times that the need of the user goes over the amount of the call package; however, with TEM you can set alerts and event rules that automatically prevent this from happening. Effectively you can take immediate action to prevent or manage these types of eventualities in real time.

Control and monitor your cost. With the implementation of TEM software, you are able to discover savings that you didn’t know were there before and eliminate errors in billing.

With Intelligible™ we provide you with a unique modular approach to TEM tailored for your business and your needs.  These modules include Mobile for mobile voice, data and APN’s, Fixed Line including VoIP, Internet Service Providers, Telkom etc., TMS (Telecom Management System) for PBX’s and Intelligible™ SIM for all IoT such as M2M.

Intelligible™ is uniquely affordable with a tangible ROI calculated upon first consultation!




1 CDR stands for Call Data Record. By way of simplistic example, a call detail record describing a particular phone call might include the phone numbers of both the calling and receiving parties, the start time, and duration of that call. The same information is generated for any data usage with all the relevant fields such us megabytes uses, time stamp and even destination.

These are automatically imported into Intelligible™ via a third-party gateway linked directly with your service provider every 10 minutes (enquire about any vendor exclusions regarding CDR’s).

2 EDR stands for Event Data/Detail Record. EDR’s gather a variety of parameters like duration, data volume, website/content accessed, quality of service per flow, per event, per Ad etc. which to generate invoices.

These are automatically imported into Intelligible™ via a third-party gateway linked directly with your service provider on a monthly bill run from your service providers.

3 MACD’s stands for Move, Add, Change and Disconnect which are all crucial part of telecom management.