Let us discuss one of the primary areas of charge-blindness in mobile environments: data usage. Companies expect to pay more for data services especially as many employees are working from home amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. In this article, you will see how to consider mobile data usage and how to estimate and manage these expenses. […]

A Bill of IT for the uninitiated, is product and services structure which clearly explains the cost of all IT related services and devices in a way that is easily understood by business users. At SeeClear™ we extend the term to a bill of ICT (Information Communication Technologies). What is a bill of ICT? According […]

In South Africa’s current economically challenging environment, it is likely that your business’ priority has shifted to being as cost effective as possible. Telecommunications and IT related costs have been found to be the most overlooked expense that business has to deal with. You may have an erroneous telecom cost but are unaware as these […]

What gets tracked gets managed. One of the main purposes for investing in Technology Expense Management is to take control of your business operations. When we are aloof about the business process, incomes and expenses and overall management, the decline in business efficiency comes as a surprise. Whether you are a business owner, IT manager […]

What a way to end a difficult year! SeeClear is driven by a simple idea: to improve our client’s business outcomes by giving them an easy, but powerful, way to manage their telecom expenses. Despite the numerous challenges and uncertainties of last year, SeeClear remained committed to this idea. Which is why it is such […]